Frequently Asked Questions
What does it cost to join and how much does it cost to maintain the club resources?
Why is "Parabola proxima perfecta est" on the site logo?
Why is this web site so BLUE?

What does it cost to join and how much does it cost to maintain the club resources?

There is no cost to join the club. Expenses to maintain the club resources are fairly low. We have a lease for the rooftop repeater location at a very reasonable rate. Highwood Properties who manages the building and Craig Laine were very nice to make the space available for the club to maintain emergency 2meter communication up there. They were very generous when negotiating the lease.

We also invested in a radio Internet link to an existing DSL circuit at Scott Smith's (KF4ZIS) home which is 1.2 miles away from the location. For this reason, there is no ongoing cost for the Internet link.

Repairs are another story but we just handle those as they arise. Scott Smith (KB4ZIS) and Susan Halter Savage, MD (KB4IDD) are trustees of the club and owner of the repeater hardware. The Echolink hardware was donated to the club by Tony Brown of Tony Brown Interiors in Nashville and Heather Finch of Sundowner Trailer Centers in Kingston Springs, TN. Thanks to both for their gifts to the club.

So annual expenses are about $500 per year give or take. If you would like to help out, feel free to make a donation at Pay Pal using the link below. Any help that anyone would like to provide would be greatly appreciated. Dr. Rob Roy (W4PZA) a regular user of the repeater recently sent in $100 which was greatly appreciated.

We may decide to send out an annual e-mail asking for a reasonable donation but we have not decided about that yet.

Why is "Parabola proxima perfecta est" on the site logo?

This is kind of an inside joke that we'd like to share with you. Henry would love it. Back in 1982, Steve Mook (WD4JIN) and I (I'm Scott Smith (KF4ZIS)) were freshman at Vanderbilt University. Steve and I had been friends since we were in high school at Memphis University School where we ran the MUS CCTV television studio. When we arrived at Vanderbilt, we were interested in finding some outlet for our interest in electronics and television.

Through some stroke of luck, we eventually learned of the Media Center at Peabody College at Vanderbilt. When we went there, we were cheerfully greeted by the manager, Henry Savage (W4RFR). From that first day we formed an incredible friendship with Henry that lasted over 22 years during which we got involved in all sorts of crazy and hair-brained projects. One project was designed to transmit foreign language television signals from the roof of Henry's building on Peabody about 1 mile to the west to the McTyre Foreign Languages Dormitory.

Well to make a long story short, we actually bought a commercial dish to transmit the signals but Henry was famous for attempting to convert many strange items into parabolic dishes. He used a piece of glass as a mold and made a fiberglass one that worked moderately well. But the best one was when he came in the office on a Monday morning and proclaimed that he had found the perfect dish. "I was at the Dollar Store and found these Snow Coasters! They're near perfect parabalers..." He smiled and laughed and said, "They're cool! Neat! Neat!" and the rest was history.

Steve and I have been quoting the "...near perfect parabalers..." comment for years and years and we just had to put something in the logo to reflect this. The Latin phrase "Parabola proxima perfecta est" roughly translates to "The Parabola is approximately perfect" in English. And indeed, the Snow Coaster is an approximately perfect parabola.

Recently Rob Roy W4PZA gave me some old ham gear and I was delighted to discover that in his batch of goodies was one of Henry's near perfect parabalers! Taped to it was a manilla envelope with an article entitled 25-inch (64cm) Parabolic Reflector Tripod/Mast/Mount! What a wonderful find...

Why is this web site so BLUE?

Simple answer: It was Henry's favorite color!

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